About Joanne-Koenig Macko

Joanne Koenig-Macko is an internationally known artist, spiritual coach, author, and dynamic lecturer. This spirited, intuitive facilitator has served thousands of clients from all over the world. Her passion is to share her dynamic paintings, and to help others realize their true gifts and purpose in life.

Her ethereal art has been presented to countless world leaders and has served as Director of International Angels for World Peace under the umbrella of the World Citizen Diplomats. She has been listed in “Who’s Who” of women in business. Joanne currently has reps in Japan and thousands of clients who not only collect her inspirational art but see her for spiritual life coaching as well. Her passion from producing the Lightworker’s Conference annually stems from 22 years of expertise in the corporate world which she left behind to pursue her vision of helping raising the world’s mass consciousness. She is currently writing a book on all she’s learned from life, her clients and the many illusions we buy into that affect our lives.