Unity by Joanne Macko
16” W x 20” H Hand Embellished Print


This inspiring painting was created by Joanne Koenig-Macko, world renowned artist, and former Director of International Angels for World Peace when she got the idea to collect threads and materials from around the globe to put into one magnificent creation. Partial proceeds of this magnificent print will go to help humanitarian projects.

The image is of two women of difference nationalities. One represents the nations north of the equator and the other representing the nations below the equator.

The earth seems to be giving off a soft glow that is reflected in their faces. The saying written over the dove was inspired by Joanne’s presentation at the United Nations when she met His Holiness, Lama Gangchen, Head of the World Peace Federation. He told Joanne that “We must find the common thread among all races, all colors and that thread is Love”. We’ve come to realize that no thread is stronger or more significant than another and that together, we form a magnificent blanket of many colors.

This picture evokes feelings of unity peace and hope. It is a reminder that we can create miracles when we all work together in oneness.

When Joanne announced this project to the world, she was stunned by the reaction of those who gave their energy into creating something so magnificent. Packages started arriving daily with contributions of materials from every corner of the world. Fine laces from North Wales, threads of gold, copper and silver from Japan, ancient Peruvian weavings, a sacred scarab from Egypt, gold and pewter hearts from Germany, yarn from Croatia, and threads from the Dalai Lama to name a few, adorn this global representation of Unity.

One of the highlights of this project was when Joanne received an ancient tribal outfit from one of the oldest living members of the Maori Tribe of New Zealand. Within that collection was a hand-carved ivory necklace that represents this cultures’ symbol for unity, and can now be seen around the world through this painting. The dark blue seed beads that make up the necklace on the woman on right are from an ancient king’s footrest from Ethiopia. Threads also came from Italy from a 200 year old blanket.