Seven Bowls


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Seven Bowls by Joanne Macko
18” W x 22” H x 3/4” D
Limited Edition Hand-Embellished Print on Canvas

Seven Bowls Angels was created for a global peace conference held in

Arkansas, June 2011 where 333 spiritual masters came together from around the world to hold a space of Love to change this planet forever.

This image depicts the 7 rays, a number of perfection. It shows the 7 angels, each of a different ray: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple and Violet. Each angel has a gift for humanity:

It is a reminder that we each hold these gifts, we simply forgot.

Red Angel (Khamiel): Courage & Wisdom;

Orange Angel (Tzaphqiel): Joy;

Yellow Angel (Gabriel) : Mental Clarity;

Green Angel (Raphael):Balance & Healing;

Blue Angel(Ratziel) : Knowledge & Wisdom;

Purple Angel (Haniel): Creativity & Love

Violet Angel (Tzadqiel): Mercy & Forgiveness.

The angel pouring the gold (real gold mica from the earth) onto the Earth now represents the Age of Aquarius we have entered representing the new knowledge being brought forth. To the right at the bottom is a small girl holding a sphere. She represents the enlightened children taking the knowledge around the globe. It is their time to teach. These are the gifted ones.

This image is channeled by world-renown painter/artist, Joanne Koenig-Macko and she uses no brushes in creating her Divine Creations. The paint is applied using her hands and the detail is added by dipping whatever nature provides (flower stems, twigs, etc. into paint) Crushed mica and gemstone dust is added for extra energy. Real gold mica and silver mica from the earth are added to this piece. Angelic light codes, Reiki symbols are are also embedded into this piece.

This is the only piece that Joanne has created that is limited to only 100 pieces worldwide.

Dimensions 18 x .75 x 22 in