Sacred Journey


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Sacred Journey by Joanne Macko
24” W x 24” H x 3/4” D
Hand-Embellished Print on Canvas


Sacred Journey is a compilation of many different textures and paints.

Anyone who sees this abstract piece finds something that sometimes only they can see in it.

As I worked on this image, I noticed a large angel appearing at the top of the canvas and it looked as if this light being was guarding a sacred gateway or portal from one dimension to another (the blue area in the middle of the piece).

The angel is Metratron. Some refer to him as the “king of all angels and chief of the ministering angels.

Many are drawn to the center and feel as if they can go into another dimension by viewing it.

In the center of the portal or dark blue area, I noticed a figure appearing and it looked like a mermaid or a woman standing with one arm pointing up over her head and the other arm stretched out.

Some cannot see this image but will see a large horse’s head in the center of the painting instead.

This incredible image has a lot of wonderful, deep and vibrant colors from oranges to many shades of teal.

It is very textural and hand-made papers from Japan were incorporated into it such as the heart on the lower left corner.

What will you see when you view it?

No two are alike because each is hand-embellished with different micas, paints, foils, etc. Each is signed by the artist.

This image is available on canvas and is a perfect square. It can be printed up to 32”w x 32”h