Raphael by Joanne Macko
16” W x 20” H Hand Embellished Print


Of all Joanne’s angels, this lithograph is the most detailed and no expense was spared in the preparation of this print. It took a full year of painting and production.

This lithograph also has the most amount of holographic foil than any other angel in her line. The entire halo has copper holographic foil, along with highlighted wings. The foil is stamped throughout the trim of the angel’s robe and throughout the sandals so that the entire image lights up as you view it. There is hand-embellishing on the wings and each piece is signed by the artist.

Of all the angels in the celestial realm, Archangel Raphael is the one most noted for his ability to heal. He is one of the few angels mentioned in the Bible in the Old Testament in the Book of Tobias. Raphael acted as companion and guide to Tobit’s son Tobias. Tobit was cured of his blindness because of his unwavering faith in God, his observance of the Law and his heroic charity towards his neighbor. This image is a constant reminder to us all that through our faith and patience, we can accomplish many things and when you open your heart in kindness to others, the blessings are endless. That is where the healing journey starts for many. This image shows Raphael in a green robe trimmed in gold. This is the only one of Joanne’s paintings incorporating various shades of gold leaf. Each piece of delicate leaf is hand applied and built up for an incredible dimensional effect. Thousands and thousands of pieces of gold foil were applied and sealed and two green emeralds were ordered for Raphael’s collar and were glued into the original painting.