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Goddess by Joanne Macko
20” W x 20” H x 3/4” D
Hand-Embellished Print on Canvas


Goddess is a very powerful image that represents giving birth, rising up to stand in your power. This beautiful maiden looks very Celtic and is adorned with a spiral over her forehead or intuitive center. It is a reminder that we are all connected to source and that we all have the gift of intuitiveness. Many work with it regularly to hone it.

She is also rising now taking on her new garments of strength, beauty, integrity to make a difference in the world. She is connected to the Ocean and is also connected to all life. She is powerful yet very nurturing.

The dolphins connect with her as do the sea turtles and all of nature praises her.

The chalice represents her birthing the new.

A friend of mine from Innsbruck, Austria saw the image and channeled the following as to what he felt and saw when he first viewed her:

“Once upon a time, there lived a maiden, green grass of the sea covered her hair as she left the water to live a life on earth. Many people came to see her, just a few understood.

Her powers radiated strongly, made some feel insecure in presence of her nudity. Her female powers of creation where endless like the night sky, her union with father, mother and spirit ever present to support and guide her.

Water was her true nature, free flowing, liquid, reviving, ever expanding and moving.

Her message was one of love and freedom, of creation and peace. Purity was her nature.

Not long did she survive those ancient times.  She left the waters, as the ambient creatures threatened her with envy and shame. Their own fear pushed them towards the act of suppressing what was so open and wild, so longing for creation and union. Their blindness could not see the union the sexual power had created. It had to come to an end to be born anew. NOW is the day and the time when she will leave the waters of infinity again to live amongst us. She is the one to show us creation. She is our mother and she will always nurture us as we are her children. We are ONE.”

Goddess is available on stretched canvas up to 32” x 32” or any size as long as it is in that proportion. She is hand-embellished with different varnishes and paint.

Dimensions 20 x .75 x 20 in