SKU: ABS-Dragonfly


Dragonfly by Joanne Macko
10” W x 26” H x 3/4” D
Hand-Embellished Print on Canvas


People often ask me why I am interested in Dragonflies and why they appear in so many of my paintings.

It actually started in 1994 when I was painting my very first image which was

“Guardian Angel”. I had asked the Universe for a sign that my work was Divinely Guided and with that, a beautiful, large teal dragonfly landed on the upper left corner of my painting. It stayed with me that day and it seemed every time I painted outside, I’d be surrounded by them.

This particular image is dedicated to those incredible winged creations of nature as I was always fascinated by them and the color of the first one that appeared to me. I hadn’t seen too many iridescent teals ones.

This particular print has some unusual hand-embellishing incorporated into it with the wet varnish technique that is raised and has texture but is crystal clear.

This is a perfect size print for those small narrow areas that almost everyone has in their home.

Dimensions 10 x .75 x 26 in