Dancer by Joanne Macko
18” W x 22” H x 3/4” D
Hand-Embellished Print on Canvas


Dancer was created one day when I turned up the music and started spinning and dancing and just being a kid again! There was pure joy running through me.

Each time, I’d spin, I’d add a stroke of paint to the canvas and after a while,

I noticed what looked like a feminine figure that appeared to be dancing, holding a gauzy veil. Was this me in the painting? I don’t know. It forms a vortex of energy in the center as if all the energy swirls around the Dancer.

One can really see and feel the movement in this piece. It’s very dimensional.

Each canvas print is hand-embellished with paints. It is gallery wrapped and very light so that you simply hang it with a push-pin.