Angel of Mercy





Angel of Mercy “Tzadqiel” by Joanne Macko
20” W x 24” H Hand Embellished Print


“Angel of Mercy” was inspired by a trip that Joanne took to Sedona, Arizona at a site called Bell Rock.

Joanne stood at the top of a mountain and felt the presence of many Native Americans that walked the land many years ago and realized the atrocities they suffered at the hand of man as they were forced out of the very land they loved. This painting is all about forgiveness and mercy.

There is much meaning in this image. The heart area symbolizes bringing heaven to earth thru love from the heart and forgiving anyone who has ever hurt us. Forgiveness is key and finding the gratitude in all that comes to us.

We must respect everyone no matter what color skin they may have.

We are to work in oneness and unity.

Joanne was also led to an area in Illinois called “Starved Rock” where again, many Native Americans perished long ago. She was deeply inspired to finish this painting.