Akashic Records


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Akashic Records by Joanne Macko
24” W x 34” H x 3/4” D
Hand-Embellished Print on Canvas

Akashic Records image is a striking ethereal image that is one of Joanne’s larger pieces. The original is 6 ft. high. There seems to be a stairway leading from Mother Earth in the bottom right corner going up to a castle protected by 2 Guardian Angels.

Some refer to this as the place where our life records or “Akashic Records” are stored. One possible was to look earth is to see it as a great school or academy where we all come to learn something about ourselves, – to learn our life lessons, so that we can grow and evolve and becoming enlightened. The possibilities are endless as to how much you desire to learn so that you can evolve and expand your consciousness. Moving up from the castle is a very ethereal image that some see as the Christ Consciousness or a higher self and going out to the universe.

This beautiful image is printed on canvas and is hand-embellished and signed by the artist. It can be made in custom sizes as long as the proportion stays the same.

Dimensions 24 x .75 x 34 in